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Hello everyone, yes we mean everyone, are you a parent who are worrying for their kid’s art , a young lad want to gain some expertise on painting before coloring your imagination on a piece of paper, well folks you came to the right place. Now you can enjoy our newly launched coloring book game. Its free and always will be and you can have a look at the numerous benefits as follows:-

  • No mess due to papers, colors etc.
  • Your will get to have mouse control (for new users).
  • You don’t have to pay for colors, books brushes etc. Its free and always will be.
  • No winding up of the colors, papers after drawing as our other games are a click away
  • A vast spectrum of drawings to choose from for your personal choice

Now you just have to click on the game and start colouring your imaginations and I bet you, every great artist becomes great by just fulfilling his/her dreams  and so can you just don’t let money come in your way enjoy the new game free and pick up the mouse and start the splash dream of filling colours to the drawing as and when necessary.

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